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Red garlic from Nubia year 2016
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Valtellina: The Casera cheese

Italia Slow Tour in Valtellina: we visit a Cooperative Dairy in Delebio, producing the local cheese Casera, a PDO product that represents the historical gastronomic tradition of the Valtellina. The cheese is made from the milk taken from the cows when they return to the barn, let’s see all the stages of its production till the cheese get mature.

Articolo - 31/05/2016 - http://www.baraitalienskaprodukter.se/ ( Network O.I.P. )

SALUMIFICIO Sfreddo TRIESTE, HAM WITH BONE : " In Trieste we produce cooked and smoked hams and others specialties from 1968 "

It 's the " Prague Ham " known for excellence in the city of Trieste which comes from Central European culinary tradition. It is obtained by processing heavy foreign thighs carefully selected. This Prague with bone is delicately flavored and lightly smoked with beech wood that gives it a nice and unmistakable flavor. The product must be sliced by hand into the vice.

Articolo - 19/05/2016 - http://www.baraitalienskaprodukter.se/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Tenute del Garda: "The vineyards where we cultivate our passion"

Very high quality and unquestionably fine wines are produced from the vineyards of the pleasant Valtenesi. On this fertile and sunny land, hit by the wind and wet by the rains at the right point, so to have a perfect and delicate climatic balance which make it unique in the world, have been harvesting delicious grape from time immemorial, here the doc Garda Classic wines, like the well known Groppello which is a researched local red-berry vine variety , have their origins.

Articolo - 09/05/2016 - http://www.baraitalienskaprodukter.se/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Hej !
Jag söker en pasta som heter- Barilla Mafaldine Napoletane 500g att köpa i Sverige.

Fråga som ställts av: tomisanda ( 18/03/2016)
Kategori/Ämne Allmänt ämne

Finns ni i Stockholm? Har ni någon butik i Stockholm? Mvh, barbora

Fråga som ställts av: barbora ( 25/02/2016)
Kategori/Ämne Allmänt ämne

Söker efter castellucciolinser från Umbrien var jag kan köpa dessa. Vänligen.

Fråga som ställts av: bo vallström ( 18/02/2016)
Kategori/Ämne Allmänt ämne

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Azienda Agricola Biologica Adamo
Cataratto IGP Terre di Sicilia - 2015 - Pallets 120 Bottles
8.17 €980.00 €
Brunello di Montalcino Ruffino - Wooden box n. 6 bottles
51.00 €306.00 €
Conte de Quirra
DAMA NERA 2013/2014 - Pallet n. 120 Bottles
7.92 €950.00 €
Amarone 2004 Corte Giare - Wooden box n. 6 bottles
85.00 €510.00 €
Azienda Agricola Biologica Adamo
Sauvignon Costa dell'Ape Biologico 2014 - Pallet 120 Bottles
7.58 €910.00 €
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